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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Recipe : Thai's Stir Fry Beef Bowl

Yesterday i was craving for something hearthy and savoury dishes, so i'm searching over my food video collection and i found one recipes that i was looking for. This dish is inspired by KokikuTV's creation of Ayam Cincang Thailand but with a little twist.

Ingredients :

- 200 gr         : Minced / Ground Beef
- 1 pcs           : Red Chilli
- 2 pcs           : Bird eye chilli
- 1/2 pcs        : Onion (Sliced)
- 2 cloves      : Garlic (Chopped)
- 1 stick         : Spring onion (sliced)
- 5-10 leaves : Thai basil / kemangi
- 5-10 leaves : Cilantro / Coriander leave
- 1 pcs           : Egg
- 1 tbs            : Oyster sc
- 1 tbs            : Soy sc
- 1 tsp            : Fish sc
- 1 tsp            : Sesame oil
- 1/2 tsp         : White pepper
- 3 tbs            : Cooking oil

How to cook :

- Preheat the pan, add oil, put in the sliced onion, sauteed until soften / translucent, add garlic and chillies, sautee until the aroma comes up.
- Put in the minced / ground beef, stir over the beef until its seperate and change color, let the heat and the oil cook the meat.
- Put in the thai basil and cilantro, stir again, add the spring onion.
- Add seasoning (oyster sc, soy sc, fish sc, sesame oil, and white pepper), stir evenly until its mix together, add some water to avoid it to become too dry.
- Let it for a while until the water reduce and become the sauce, get a taste, and turn off the heat.
- Put some oil to the pan, crack the egg, make a sunny side up,cook until the white egg firm but the egg yolk still runny and firm enough on the outside.
- Put some rice into the bowl, put the stir fry beef on top and sunny side up on the side.
- You can add some mozarella also while it's still steaming hot so the cheese can melts down, and you can add also the sliced nori to give a little seaweed flavor to it.

Happy Cooking.

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