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Saturday, October 4, 2014

TIME OUT - Sports Cafe, Bogor

Hi The Liviosta, finally i come back to you with new post and more reviews, and just last week i make a visit to a newly-opened cafe with new concept in Bogor. Please welcome TIME OUT - Sports Cafe to the new member of must visit cafe in Bogor ! Yeah i must admit that this café comes with a very different concept unlike any other cafés in Bogor, they just opened it's door a few months back when the euphoria of World Cup began, Time Out opens to fulfill the Bogorians need of a good café to hangout and chillin around and yes again i would recommend to you this cafe, because the atmosphere is just right for you to spend along time with your friend and enjoy good food.

Time Out café is located on the 1st Level of Colonial Building just right across Lapangan Sempur, the location is perfectly situated in the bustling traffic of Bogor, which means it has opportunity to reach and gain more visitor by the perfect location itself. And it seems not so hard to find the café because it's very near from the exit toll of Bogor.

When i step into their door, they just nearly to open because i arrived too early around 10.00 AM but actually the cafe opens at 10.00 but the sign still close so i decided to wait outside for a while and wait for my friends. After that the cafe open and i'm going to come inside the café,

Well,basically Time Out interior design is full of Turquoise-ish tone and nicely decor with World Cup attribute and ornament such as wide range of National Flag of each different countries, and i don't know what it's called but it's like a toys kit for football and you can play it by operating the sticks. For the inside interior itself separated into two area, there's Sofa area and Bar stool area, but i have more interest to their outside interior which is much brighter and have different atmosphere than the inside area.

Talking about the outside area, it's actually a smoking area but i prefer this because it has an open air and protected with trees because the location is near from Bogor Botanical Garden and Lapangan Sempur so it's still keeps the natural aspect which is good, and i feel more comfortable with the outside but since it's a hot day in Bogor, so i decided to choose the inside area. But still don't forget i taken a few pics of the outside area for your reviews.

I'd rather pick the middle area, to be remember that the outer area might produce a bit noisy because it's very near attached to the main street.

"The Bar area of Time Out café"

Caramel Machiato
IDR 30k

I need something to freshen up my mood and day during sunny day in Bogor, and i kinda have sleeping problem for the past two weeks when i come back to my campus life after i finish my internship program. And hell yeah, i need coffee, and i pick this one and i am never go wrong when it comes to coffee, it has just right amount of bitter and creaminess, and the sweetness from caramel is not too overpowering and me likey. The only minus thing about it is the thickness, what i expect from this is the consistency of the liquid, i need thicker consistency, but overall was good.

The Red Mocktail
IDR 30k

This one is recommendation from friends of mine, he said that this one is very refreshing especially in a very hot day, so i decided to prove it and he was right. The Red Mocktail has a different taste unlike any other mocktail that using red syrup, if you guess this one is a strawberry or cocopandan or pomegranate, this one is not that kind of syrup. They're prefer using frambozen i guess, and i also find a minty hint in this refreshingly mocktail, topped with soda water it is definitely a total punch for your hot day.

IDR 36k

I'm not in the mood for having a heavy meal that day, i just want to chillin and sitting around with some of good friends, and we ordered this one. The texture of the calamari is perfect, the chewiness is on the right amount, perfectly coated with crispy batter and served with Sour Cream & Mayonnaise dipping sauce, was just perfect to accompany your day, this one is recommended for you who's not in the mood for having a full meal.

French Fries & Nachos
IDR 26k "each"

As i said before that i'm not in the mood of having a heavy meal, so we ordered two more snacks to completing our perfect day, the french fries is just like any other cafe, but the nachos is a must try, served with diced tomatoes and mixed with olive oil, garlic, onion, parsley and lemon juice, and some spreads of cream cheese and cheese sauce was just perfect, the only minus thing is ground beef or bolognaise sauce and a few drops of bolognaise sauce will totally complete the goodness.

Fettuccine Carbonara
IDR 47k

This one is a huge portion of Fettuccine Carbonara, and the plate also double sized itself, and i must say that this one is sharing portion because they were generously given the pasta and the topping into this portion. Talking about the taste, the creaminess was good enough and not too overwhelming, i'm not a fan of creamy pasta by the way, but this one is not too bad. And if you're asking about this one, you'll better have it to share because if you eat it yourself, you will have no chance to having another dishes. Just kidding.

Well, it was a pleasant experience i had during that day, i love the weather, the location of the café itself, the ambience there, and also the wide range and selection of food. I'll probably have a next visit, this café is a new oasis in Bogor, they bring a new and different ambience into their place, and you'll better try yourself to make a visit to this new café in town.

TIME OUT - Sports Cafe, Bogor
Jalan Salak No. 6 (The Colonial Building)
The Colonial Building, 1st Level
Opening Hours : 10 AM - 10 PM
Twitter : @TIMEOUTCafeBgr
Instagram : @TIMEOUTCafeBgr

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