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Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Hi my fellow readers, i knew that it's been a very very long time since my last post here, i would say sorry for that. Hereby i comes with some good news for you ! The very first thing is i want to let you know that i will regularly update this blog starting this month with new writing style, new concept, more restaurant reviews, and i will start to write in english, i would say sorry for a lot of mistake and grammar regarding my english here but that would be okay if you understand what i mean and you enjoy my reviews. The second one is, i also will posting regularly to my 2nd Instagram account : @theliviosta and you can simply follow it, there will be more pics about food and travel and also update about this blog, and i want to let you know that i changed my social media account username to : @alifioswardhana for both Twitter and Instagram. And the third one is ... I can't wait to share my food experience and journey this month in this blog, and i wish you feel as excited as i am. So please keep update with my latest update from Instagram @theliviosta & @alifioswardhana and my newest post in this blog will be post VERY SOON !!!

Thank You, and Keep Update with me !