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Sunday, October 16, 2016

LEMONGRASS Resto, Bogor - a Modern Kopitiam Concept Restaurant

I'm back. From long hibernation i finally woke up, now i'm updating a new post which actually not hehe. In this post i would like to review about this fancy looking modern kopitiam resto in the heart of Bogor, yes you know it already i assumed. It is Lemongrass Resto, a modern kopitiam concept restaurant, Lemongrass has wide varieties of Peranakan dish of Kopitiam which is literally means Kedai Kopi in Bahasa Melayu. The menu is mostly a Malaysian and Singaporean dishes such as Kaya Toast, Nasi Lemak, Curry or Nyonya Laksa, Roti Canai or Prata, Char Kway Teow and stuffs like that.

The exterior is a mixed between Modern and Traditional and very inviting people from outside. Mostly dominated with chinese and malay kind of elements and wooden ornaments make it such a warm ambiences. And no wonder if so many peoples are coming here everyday and quite often make a long queue, and waiting list for sure.

The dining area is divided into two, the indoor area has 2 level and quite spacy, while the outdoor area is more like garden theme and the "it" place for chill and relax. The outdoor area is kinda sunny and hot during mid day because there is no shades to cover the open space, so i suggest you to come here at 4 or 5 PM if you prefer the outdoor, but don't forget to make a reservation in advance since this place is always packed especially during lunch and after office hour.

Spicy Chicken Wings
IDR 27k

I found out the chicken a bit too dry, but the coating is still crispy and nicely coated with spicy sauce. The sauce is not too spicy for me. Overall it was okay for me but it could be any better than this.

Laksa Bebek Panggang
Roasted Duck Laksa
IDR 44k

This is the dish that i've wanted so far. I miss laksa, i miss everything about malay and peranakan food, and this Laksa is definitely the one. Truth to be told i love this laksa, the broth is not too thick but still rich and flavorfull, the taste is similar with the one i had back in KL. The most favorit item of this this is the Roasted Duck, it's out of the world, i just loved it. I love the meat is very tender and juice, and the skin oh so damn good, it's on top of my list. The only thing that i don't really like personally is the noodle, i prefer Laksa with rice noodle because it's very match with the laksa broth somehow and can really absorb the broth when it comes to your mouth. The noodle is a bit thick for me, if only they use rice noodle maybe i could finish it all.

Juice Semangka Lemon
Watermelon Lemonade Juice / Air Tembikai Lemon
IDR 23k

I just love this, it is very rare to find Watermelon juice here in Indonesia i must say, it's kinda bring me back to the memory when i was in KL because i have it almost everyday. They make it with a twist, just add some lemonjuice and it turns out to be Watermelon Lemonade and it is very refreshing with a hint of sourness.

Overall Lemongrass is a gem in a heart of Bogor, especially in culinary industry. Lemongrass gives a new color into culinary scene with their kopitiam concept, and i love it because whenever i crave for Malay Peranakan foods so i can come here to fulfill it. In term of price, it's a lil bit expensive but compare to its place and atmosphere it's a fair price. I'm looking for more to try out another dishes of theirs.

LEMONGRASS Resto - Bogor
Jalan Raya Pajajaran No. 21
Phone                 : (0251) 8328800
Opening Hours : 10 AM - 10 PM

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