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Thursday, June 25, 2015

PULP by Papa Palheta, Kuala Lumpur

It’s been a very berry long time that I’m not going to any café in KL, and this time was like an unplanned visit. In the previous day I was checking on google for research some cafes worth visit in KL, and I just found out one that really surprised me because its location is just on the next door of my neighborhood. It was nearby actually, it’s around Bangsar, just 100-150 metres walk away from my apartments.

Firstly I check the maps location of the café but I’m not quite sure that it would be that near, so I check on google maps and it was totally correct. I make a visit tomorrow morning to prove it, with some self-confidence I just try to walk to get there. And yeah I made it, it was located on the same location with NSTP,

PULP is a really nice cafe with such a nice antmosphere and very comfy, as i said that you can spend long time sitting there while enjoying a cup of good quality coffee. I'm not kidding, the coffee here is really good, and i love how the coffee aroma is spreads all over the cafe. 

The venue space actually quite small, but i love how all those simplicity giving such a really nice ambiances, mostly dominated by woods and earthy elements that lifted up the sense of warm and homey, 

Tuna & Egg Croissant
MYR 20

This one is actually a light meal that you can have during a mid day or even in the afternoon while having some coffees, I love the flakiness of the croissant, but I prefer it to be less flaky when it comes to sandwich and another good thing is the salad, I loved it, I love how the combination of lettuce, tomatoes and seaweed, yes seaweed, all mix together with that soury dressing and mayonnaise, and the kick was the seaweed which give a stange flavor which I like the most, and compliment the salad very well.

Flat White Coffee
MYR 12

Flat white is always been my choices whenever I order coffee in any cafes, and the Flat White here is undeniably good. I love the mild flavor of the coffee while there’s still some hint of acidity which is not too overpowering, the baristas here is surely very friendly and you can ask them anything, but unfortunately my coffee knowledge isn’t that good so I just ask some common question. *hahahaha*

Overall, PULP is really worth my visit that day. Can't wait to revisit soon since i knew it's still around my neighborhood, cant' be more happy knowing that there's a good quality coffee serving nearby, See you guys on the next post.

PULP by Papa Palheta Café
29-01, Jalan Riong, Bangsar
59100, Kuala Lumpur
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Twitter : @pulpbyppp

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